10 actions to sell more in your

10 actions to sell more in your e-commerce 1

1. Take care of your customers

The natural thought is that if you want to make your sales grow, you need to get more customers, however this strategy might not be the most efficient to impulse them. If you compare your new clients with the ones that already bought your product we can see:

2. Use videos to show your products.

We are in the digital era, the YouTube era, where the users keep consuming digital content. Studies shows us that regular users spend 88% more time on platforms with video content.

That means we have to take advantage in our business offering things like video reviews, unboxing products and giving advice about the most important products we offer.

Video content also have a better approach and attachment in the customers compared to read content.


3. Don't forget your mobile

In 2018, 60% of mobile users already use their smartphones to make purchases online. If we focus on millennials, this figure increases to 73% and these figures grow every year. If your website is not responsive, you are taking time to adapt it.

4. Offer more discounts


They are the most anticipated by customers. But to really stand out from the rest, we recommend offering attractive discount percentages, that is, 40% and above.

And to make this action stronger and more tempting, you can also offer them in your flagship products or in a line of specific products. Even even in combos.


5. Your home page is fundamental!

Your home page is the place where your customers will spend more time, that is why it is important to add sections like the most important products or new products that guide the customer through the experience to make them understand what you sell and offer.

6. Remember special dates

Chrismas, Black Friday, Cyber week and important dates must be shown on your calendar. During those dates sales usually grow up for every business so being prepared is important, a really good option is to build static pages for this dates to show your discounts!

6.Fechas especiales para hacer promociones


7. Build a sensation of urgent


There is not a worst feeling than thinking the product you want is not going to be able soon, that will push you customer to buy, they don’t want to go home without the discount they’ve been waiting for.

Try creating messages that make the customer believe this could be the last opportunity to access to this product, maybe showing there is not enough units left or discount expiration dates.

8. Take advantage of your social media!

When you create your sales strategies, social marketing is fundamental. Where can I find my customer? When is he going to buy my products? Where are they looking for the products?

When you have this answer you will be able to start sharing information on the proper platforms.

If you don’t know where is your target remember you can use tools like google analytics to reach your audience.

6.Fechas especiales para hacer promociones

10 actions to sell more in your e-commerce 9

9. Do not forget about
the adds

Using tools like Google adds help new companies to have an easier process when they want to use advertisement. Do not be afraid and use small campaigns at the beginning like PPC’s which only makes you pay whenever your add is clicked.

6.Fechas especiales para hacer promociones

10. Promote reviews of your products

10 actions to sell more in your e-commerce 10

The scores your customers provide to your product are fundamental when you want to grow and finish a sale. When you receive more positive reviews, more sales you are going to get, try creating contests or offers for people that provides you feedback and rate your products.

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