Do you know about sales funnels on inbound marketing?

The inbound methodology involves a series of elements and expectations that make it unique (in case you wonder what inbound marketing is). Mainly because it creates, innovates and evolves digital and traditional marketing, as we know it to this day. The so-called sales funnel is not exempt from these transformations.

How is this element approached from inbound? Is there a sales funnel in inbound marketing? To answer this and other questions, we bring you in this article, everything you need to know about the funnel in inbound marketing.

What is the inbound methodology?

Inbound is a strategy that aims to attract customers through content that is relevant, useful and of value to users, depending on when they are in their purchase process.

This methodology starts from the main fact that buyers no longer do, or behave in the same way, in their purchase process. So you think of a much less intrusive way to attract potential customers.

This mainly when solving problems or doubts of users with quality content, which makes us a reference on the subject and a source of consultation for them.

What is the sales funnel?

In traditional marketing, the funnel or sales funnel refers to a representation of the stages that a potential customer goes through to make a purchase. Therefore, it is presented in it from the first approach that the user has with our product, service or company, until the moment in which a sale is concluded. It is important to note that recently, from some inbound perspectives, the conception of the sales funnel has changed. Since they consider it leaves out the value that the customer (s) have in the purchase process. That is why, from his vision, more than a funnel, it should be approached as a cycle. The customer-driven cycle is about putting customers at the center of marketing, sales, and customer service. The model includes that each team in a company has a responsibility to attract, interact and delight customers. Utility of the funnel or sales funnel.
Some of the most important benefits that a sales funnel has are:

Analysis of metrics

Determining how users behave, what their actions are before our strategies and what are the results that we obtain from that plan that we generate, is a vitally important element within a content marketing or inbound marketing strategy.

Strategy creation

According to the phase in which the user is, their need, attitude or openness to certain information is different. For this reason, it is very important to know the stages it is going through, to create content strategies according to that stage. Since the content must be adapted to the process of each user. Learn these 5 tips to attract more customers with inbound marketing.

Decision making

There are no decisions that can be made if we have not analyzed our strategies and the results that are leaving us. In the same way, knowing the moment of the purchase process that the user is going through, helps us in making a decision about the content that we must provide them.

Etapas del embudo de ventas de inbound marketing

The contents that we generate in an inbound strategy are related to the stage in which our potential client is. TOFU, MOFU and BOFU, are the abbreviations of Top, Middle and Bottom of the funnel.

So they refer to the stage of the conversion funnel to which our inbound strategy is focused. It is these phases that allow us to create content according to the user's purchase cycle. Let's see each one of them:


As the name implies, it is the top of the process. At this stage, generally, the user does not know that he has the need to acquire a good or contract a service.

You may have identified a problem and are looking for informational solutions. This phase is characterized by being the one that attracts the most traffic, since its searches are quite generic.

Some of the content that can be created at this stage are:

Blog post
Infographics (do you know what it is and how to make an infographic?)


The second phase of the conversion funnel is the MOFU. At this point users are already aware that they have a need. It is a good time to attract leads. The content is more specialized, extensive and more useful, because with it users must see your company, product or service, as the possibility of a solution to their problem. As content for the MOFU you can generate:


BOFU is the last stage of the funnel. Here come the users who consider you as an option and are interested in acquiring your products or hiring your services. At this point the person is ready to buy and become your customer.

With our content we seek to close a sale and retain them so that they stay with our brand, good or service. So we focus the content on the sale, some alternatives are:

Remember that it is very important to create specialized content for each of the stages of the conversion funnel that the user has, because our purpose from inbound marketing is to accompany them during their purchase cycle and be there with the content they require, according to the moment where you are. Develop your knowledge to develop a successful marketing strategy with our content marketing course and become invincible by making funnels.

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