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I don’t fail...
I either win or I learn
Krystel Reid

Krystel Reid

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This is a network that makes teachable moments available to create a supportive network that helps each member on the path of becoming a successful entrepreneur. Growing together makes it easier. Join us and become an inspired entrepreneur today!


Things I Wish I Knew When I Started my Business

Key Lessons I Learned from Starting and Growing my Businees

I’m Krystel

After 13 years in business, I’ve had many successes and I’ve had many lessons learned. I never fail. I either win or I learn and I’ve had a lot of learning. Failure only occurs when you make a mistake or have had an error in judgment and do not learn and improve from it. I have embraced these teachable moments head-on and have refined my processes, systems, and how I conduct business over the years. The path of entrepreneurship can be lonely. You must have the stick-to-itiveness to continue when no one can see your vision and when everything appears to be going wrong, you have to continue. It is always darkest before dawn. You are only one moment, one contract, one opportunity, one connection from your greatest achievement

My background

As a trained analyst, Krystel D. Reid applies her strategic, research, and analytical background from conducting several comprehensive political analyses and developing evidence-based marketing campaigns to political, corporate, and governmental clients.

“I just want to thank Krystel for building this amazing network! She gave me the only thing I was missing to jump into the entrepreneur world, confidence!”
“It is amazing how inspired entrepreneur teaches you how to learn with lessons and avoiding bad experiences”
Mary Johnson
“After all, everything it’s just about to stop thinking and start doing what you want!”
Lucille Hernandez

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