Get to know 2 useful tools
for web pattern creation

By Sebastian Ugas
Oct. - 2021

For developers and designers, it is always important to know as many tools as possible that can help you to finalize or shape your work. We generally look for ways to bring our web pages to life through patterns, but creating random patterns is often tedious.

1. Haikei

Haikei is a web app to generate unique SVG shapes, backgrounds, and patterns – ready to use with your design tools and workflow.

Use Haikei to design anything, from backgrounds for product showcases to social media banners, pitch decks, blog posts, posters and more. To make this easier we included a few basic canvas sizes to help you get started. Select the canvas size for your use case and let the generator adapt to the new size. More canvas sizes such as Twitter header, Instagram post or A4 page are coming soon in the pro tier.

2. is a straightforward way to create CSS animations, box shadows, colors, & more. Each app within Keyframes lets you live-preview and generate CSS for your projects without having to save your code and refresh the browser to see what is happening.

You must be at least somewhat familiar with CSS to get any use from this site - especially the animations page, it can be kind of tricky if you don't know what you're doing. Be sure to follow whatever instructions or tutorials I have - and look at examples. I'll have more tutorials up soon.


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