How to launch your
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Large email lists are a powerful tool when it comes to growing an online brand and selling products, but they aren’t the only way to have a successful launch. You can use an existing blog or social media audience to sell your online course, even if you haven’t devoted any time to grow your email list yet. Here are the best tips for launching an online course with a blog.

Growing your email list

Your email list should be a priority because, unlike other channels, it’s 100% yours. Unlike social media sites where algorithms change and platforms go out of style, your list is comprised of people who specifically opted in for you and will be more likely to stick around and care about what you have to say.

You have control of your list and you’re in charge of who sees what when. If you are promoting your new course you’ll know that your entire list will have an email from you at the top of their emails every morning. No annoying algorithms bumping you down or hiding your messages. Plus, when you look at email versus paid marketing, email still comes out on top. Instead of paying heavens knows how much hoping the right person will see your ad and buy, you can send an email to people who have already qualified themselves as the right people and know they will be more likely to buy.

Growing your list isn’t all that hard, either. By implementing a few key strategies you’ll have a massive list in no time.

Give something away for free

Growing your email list is as simple as giving a high-value resource or lead magnet away for free. This resource should be related to what you’re trying to sell and be behind a gate so that people are forced to give you their email in exchange for the high-value resource.

Types of resources:

The color is the perfect sample of empathy with the client, if perhaps you already have your logo and you have chosen the colors, maybe you know what they mean. you have chosen the colors maybe you know what they mean, however at the moment of you can have some flaws and you must create that context so that your clients understand that if your logo has green it is not because you sell fruits. understand that if your logo has green is not because you sell fruits and vegetables but because you want to convey because you want to transmit wellness and tranquility.

Now what?

Once you’ve grown your email list you can refer to this post when it comes time to launch your product and take a quick look at the steps I’ve mentioned below.

Your email list = gold for launching your online course

Launching to your list

We dont’ want to harp too much on launching to your list in this post, but whether you want to or not, make sure you take advantage of the 4 weeks of blog posts to insert content upgrades so you can collect email addresses.

If you do, you’ll probably find yourself with a sizeable list when it comes time to launch, and that’s when you should consider launching using our Crazy 8 Launch Strategy.

It’s likely that a lot of the people who sign up for your upgrade will only ever go to your blog that one time, but you can still get them to buy despite that if you’ve got their email address. To really launch to your full potential, include your email list in the launch strategy.

It’s safe to say that around 2% of your list will convert, so even if you only have 200 people signed up, that’s still 4 more sales than you would have otherwise had, and if your course is $250 that’s another $1000 in your pocket. Not bad, right?

Launching with a blog

Launching na online course with a blog can be a tricky starting place for those who have never done it.

Here is our writer, Morgan Timm’s take,”When I started blogging I didn’t care about email lists. I monetized through collaborations rather than selling my own products and I was waaaay late on the email list game. It’s something I regret, but also something I learned from.”

Though it’s not as ideal as launching an online course to your list (noticing a theme here?) you can have a really successful course launch using your blog as your launching platform. Here’s what you’ll need:

Simple enough, right?

The game plan:

Launching an online course with your blog means you’re going to need to have an audience that checks your site regularly and knows what to expect from you.

If you’re the sporadic blogger who publishes whatever is on your mind whenever you feel like it, you’ll need to tighten the reigns a bit so your audience will be “trained” in what to expect from you.

Your goal is to position yourself as an authority on the topic of your course, and make your audience eager to learn more. This means creating a mix of informative and storytelling content that is long form and high value.

Weeks one and two:

These first two weeks we are going to work on educating your audience on the topic you are teaching. Here is where you’re going to put your course topic on their radar and let them know why it’s important.

Let’s say you are teaching an online course on how to transition from the standard western diet to veganism.

Your first week might look like this:

Week two:

This is going to be a bit more aggressive, you really want your audience to see you as the vegan authority so you’ll have to up your ante. Before you plan out your blog posts here, decide what key benefits your course is going to offer and make it clear that you’re able to deliver those benefits into your blog posts.

To stick with our going vegan example, we’ll say that our benefits are helping people lose weight and live healthier. With that in mind.

Here are the week two blog posts:

Weeks three and four:

During weeks three and four you are going to announce that you’re working on a course, start increasing your interaction with your audience and continue positioning yourself as an authority.

Week three is where you’re going to tease your course while still remaining informative. Let your audience know that it’s in the works, and you can even take this time to ask them what they’d like to see.

Week four is launch week

Your main goal is to get people to buy, so you’re going to announce you are launching an online course and start sharing “teasers” like you did in last Thursday’s post.

Promoting your blog posts

A lot of people have an “if you build it they will come” mindset when it comes to blogging, but the truth is you’ll need to be doing a lot of promoting so you can get your posts, and thus your course, to be seen by a large audience.

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